Book 2 Cover Your Guide to Certification and Classification
Author Dr. Ralf Heron

This book, the second in The Marina series, examines how formal certification or classification can help marinas improve their offering to customers whilst employing best business practices. It also shows how they can take account of their responsibility to the wider environment, as well as ensuring the safety of employees and all who use the facilities.


Individual chapters written by subject specialists, examine how the primary ISO standards have developed and are evolving, as well as the future plans for revisions within the next two years from 2014.
Readers will learn how to apply these standards to their own facilities and, with case histories, show how others have successfully applied them to their business models. Experts in their field demonstrate how these standards can be applied.


The author also reviews the alternative and equally popular classification programs that have been specifically developed by the marina industry. At present few of the world’s existing marinas have embraced either system but the number is growing steadily. This book also contains a reprise of all the classification programs that first appeared in The Marina- Sustainable Solutions to a Profitable Business.


It is not the book’s role to advocate either system, but rather to make marina owners and operators aware of what is available so that they can arrive at an informed choice for their individual property.


The author, Dr. Ralf Heron has a distinguished international career in quality management as well as the global marina industry with particular reference to marina development and management in the USA, Middle East and Europe.


In simple language, the book provides a guiding pathway through the intricacies of ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 certification, as well as the Blue Star, Gold Anchor, and Green Marina programs, and highlights the benefits to marina owners and operators.