This book is essential reading for anyone engaged in the multi-billion dollar marina industry. Everyone, whether experienced marina operator, designer, developer or indeed anyone with an interest in refurbishing an existing property will find a wealth of information within the chapters. Readers are provided with a snapshot of the marina industry today and a look at tomorrow’s information technology developments that will be pivotal to the success of the marina of the future.  Not only that but there are elements that can be incorporated into existing sites with examples from around the world.
It gives detailed information on what a marina developer/designer should consider, when designing a new marina. This comes from experienced entrepreneurs and industry insiders, who can count among their accolades the design, construction, development and management for some of the best and most iconic marinas in the world.

Dr. Ralf Heron and Wael Juju demonstrate throughout the book that success will come to marinas that embrace the hospitality ethos and design their facilities to provide an exceptional customer experience. In addition to compiling data that will be not found elsewhere – including global marina maps (showing 17300 marinas), the book explores in some depth the environmental issues in siting and designing marinas.

The  167 page Book also covers, quality management and ISO Certification for marinas. It explains in detail the benefits and shows the way to attaining certification. Marinas globally, more than any other industry, have been slow to adapt this important tool, to show customers, that “this ISO certified marina” delivers best possible Customer Satisfaction. This is a huge competitive advantage, not recognized yet in many parts of the world. With levels of detailed information not found anywhere in a single source, this is a book that no marina developer, owner or operator can afford to be without.



This Book is been used as the primary textbook , by the University of IZMIR,  for the 2 year course Marina Management and Sustainability. The Author is also a guest lecturer at this University. Other International Business Schools have also shown interest in this book as a source of educational use.



Newcomers to the Marina Industry

The Marina- Sustainable Solutions for a Profitable Business is indispensable resource for anyone considering a career in the multi-billion dollar marina business anywhere in the world.

Within its lavishly illustrated covers, readers can find details of internationally recognized training schemes which detail courses from jetty hands right up to manager of a marina with several hundred berths and dry-stack facilities and an annual turnover of several million dollars.

From a management perspective the reader is guided through the complexities of adopting leading edge information technology solutions and the need for certification to the ISO 9000 suite of standards. They will learn of the importance of applying hospitality management principles to marina operations and how to provide the superior level of customer experience that will make a marina a desirable location for owners to keep their vessels.

In addition chapters list the requirements of international marina certification authorities. Readers will also learn how to interact with the media at local and national level and what to do in cases of crisis.

Without doubt, investment in this book will possibly be the most important investment a newcomer or novice marina manager can make.